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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Hotel Comodoro Cigar Shop (Miramar) always a must visit

                   As always, I had to visit this cigar shop on my last trip to Cuba, not because it has the best selection of cigars or because it's in a high traffic area of Havana but because friends work here and it's my local shop that's within walking distance from where I live when I'm in the city. It has been a while since these pictures were taken (this past March), I'm almost ready to go back again (in 2 weeks) but I couldn't let it go. It was surprisingly busy, that is to say that there were a few friends in town from outside the country and it made for a pleasant little well, we had a newbie from the US who joined us. As always the folks at the Comodoro were gracious and took very good care of us and it's the reason I keep going back. Alex, the new roller (about 2 years now), is doing a great job winning new customers over and making the old ones happy while Andre (manager) and Katy (sales) are always happy to take care of any of your other needs. Please pay them a visit and tell them Matteo from Canada says hello.


Alex with Katy


  1. Hi Matt ,how would it be to stay at the Comodoro?

    1. Hit and miss, mostly miss my opinion

  2. Love that ashtray....😍😍😍