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Saturday 28 January 2017

Hotel Melia Cohiba LCDH (Havana) Nov.2016

                   I've been coming here for several years and make it more of a habit now that Juanita's been rolling the last couple of them. The people here have always been friendly and helpful to me, never discouraging my photographing the place and even posing for the odd one. The hotel is one of the better ones in the city, in my opinion, with a nice lobby that unfortunately has been made non-smoking, what a shame. Actually, smoking is permitted only in the Cigar Shop which can make for a pretty smoky experience at times. They have a well stocked bar with a bartender present at all times...unless he's on lunch break. The humidor has a decent stock and I'm sure if you become friends of the house, special selections can be put aside for you. And then there's Juanita....who can resist her ever present smile and overall good disposition. It's always an extra special experience when I catch her on a work day. I love coming here for a Gin & Tonic or Santiago 11yr, smoke a cigar and catch-up on current events.

Hotel Melia Cohiba
Ave Paseo e/ 1ra y 3ra
Vedado, Havana

Main Lobby

Main Lobby Restaurant

House Roller Juanita

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