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Saturday 17 June 2017

Bella Ciao (Italian Restaurant) Havana

                    Bring an appetite or prepare to bring food home because the portions are way too large for a single person to our opinion. The restaurant has a small wine list but it's reasonably priced, however, the outdoor seating is like being on the patio of a fast food restaurant. The indoor, air-conditioned, non-smoking area looked better....but I smoke cigars. The service was prompt and knowledgeable about the food (I later saw him cooking my order) but a little rough around the edges. They weren't happy that we were there at 3 in the afternoon (my fiance overheard our waiter bitching to someone about why people were having lunch at that hour of the day), when everyone should be doing siesta. There were a lot of things I could have gone for on the menu, so many good things to choose from. The delicious starters came quickly and were enormous, neither one of us could finish them, as with our pizzas. The pizza itself was large, with a few bald spots, the ingredients were enough for a smaller other words, there weren't enough ingredients on our pizzas.
                    This restaurant is far from the touristy areas of Havana, I came here because I had a meeting at this spot. I probably won't return but if you're in the area and see the sign, it's worth stopping in. I can't guarantee what kind of experience you're going to have, the write-ups I've read have been either really good or horrific but at least the food is good.

Hours of Operation: noon till midnight

Bella Ciao
Calle 19 y 72,
Miramar, Havana
Tel: +53 7 2061406

Giglio Salad (Shrimp & Avocado) 8.50

Livornese Salad (Octopus, Potato and White Beans) 13.00

Pizza Baba 8.50

Pizza Montalcino 8.50

Indoor A/C Non-Smoking

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