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Saturday 16 September 2017

Rejoneo Asador (Miramar) Havana Restaurant

                   According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Rejoneo is: "the art of bullfighting from on horseback with a short barbed spear". That would explain all the references to bulls or bullfighting hanging on the walls or sitting on ledges around the restaurant. What does that have to do with the food here? I would guess that because their emphasis is on meats....I suppose it works.
                   The restaurant is located next to another restaurant that I frequent regularly and when I say next to it, I mean right next to it in the same building connected to it. Tic-Tac is the other restaurant that serves fresh baguette sandwiches at a reasonable price until late at night (used to be open 24 hours). Rejoneo is more like a steakhouse with a rather large selection of dishes to choose from on it's menu. I honestly don't know how they can carry all that food since most times when I eat at Tic-Tac I hardly ever see anyone there (maybe I come at off times). The evening we decided to eat at Rejoneo there may have been one or two other tables at a restaurant that seats 50. Tic-Tac on the other is almost always serving several tables at one time at almost anytime of the day or night. The big selling item at Rejoneo is the meats which you will cook yourself at the table on a heated volcanic rock. The night we dined at Rejoneo we were in no mood to cook our own food so we ordered things that were already cooked in the kitchen. I started with the Carpaccio de Rez Veneciano (Beef Carpaccio) which I found to be of good quality but in my opinion not presented properly. Did they want to be different, put some raw onions on the dish and call it Venetian? For those of you who don't get the connection...when Liver is done Venetian style (fegato alla veneziana) it's sauteed with onions. I say don't change a dish that's already perfect, they had also topped it with Arucola (perfect), they should have just sprinkled a few capers over it or left it I said, the quality of the meat was perfect. My spouse started with the stuffed eggplant appetizer, mini eggplant cannelloni stuffed with vegetables and cheese, which she enjoyed with no complaints. I wasn't feeling overly hungry and went with the Ribs appetizer for my main and for $4cuc it was quite the portion, I enjoyed them immensely. My spouse on the other hand had the filet mignon cooked in the kitchen for her main course which was cooked exactly the way she wanted and which she found to be of a better quality than most places. The service was pleasant and attentive and the atmosphere simple and appealing. We sat on the patio where I was allowed to smoke my cigar and everyone was happy.
                    In conclusion, we will return and maybe if I'm not so lazy next time I will have them bring out the volcanic rock so I can cook my own meats at the table. Not overly expensive considering what your getting for your dollar....worth a try if you're in the area.

PS....I forgot to mention (was reminded while posting the pics) the menu comes with pictures of the dishes being sold.

Hours of Operation
Every Day: 12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight

Calle 11 esq.84 No.8220,
Miramar, Playa
(+53) 7 203 5190

Enrollado de Berenjena (stuffed eggplant) $5cuc

Beef Carpaccio $9.50cuc

Costillas de Cerdo (pork ribs appetizer) $4cuc

Filete de Rez (filet mignon) $14cuc

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