Robaina's plantation

Tuesday 17 April 2018

Salvador Carbajal Rodriguez (Tobacco Grower) San Luis, Pinar del Rio March 2018

                       No trip to Cuba is complete without a visit to my friend's farm in San Luis, Pinar del Rio. Salvador and I go back more than a decade and although many things have change during that time, our friendship has only gotten stronger. On this visit I brought my family and best friend, they were in town to help me celebrate my wedding. Salvador put out an extra special spread for all of us, they cook some of the best food I've eaten in Cuba....good old fashioned country cooking. It was a shame the tobacco plants had already been harvested, the family would have been in awe, as I always am, to have been able to see them in the ground. However, they were able to see the process of the leaves within the curing barns as well as seeing a rolling demonstration by the lovable Luis Felipe the house roller. It was a beautiful day, we smoked some great cigars and the company was the best. Everyone is doing fine on the farm, including the new addition to the family. Thanks for the wonderful time Salvador.


  1. Congrats again.... looks like a wonderful time.
    Wow, that’s a nice double corona🙌🏼🙌🏼

    Life is good Matteo..... 😎🤙🏼

    1. Yes Edward, life is good. Thank You ( was a churchill)