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Friday 7 December 2018

Partagas Encuentro (Acreditation) Monday Nov.12, 2018

                    If the Partagas Encuentro, that takes place every November, wasn't already popular, it certainly seems to have picked up steam. The first part of the week long events take place on the Monday of the week of the Encuentro at the Partagas Cigar Shop behind the Capitolio building on Calle Industria. This is when you come in to sign up and pay for the events you want to participate in. It's also when you might see someone, a friend, for the first time in a year, or since the last Partagas Encuentro. The Encuentro isn't just a bunch of events, it's a gathering of friends or a chance to make new ones. Unfortunately the friends at this event might, as in many cases, live on the other side of the planet...but that doesn't diminish the joy one has when we encounter one another after a year. Thank You Partagas for giving us an excuse and venue for seeing each other. This year, Havana Club was sponsoring the events and their rum was flowing freely (and for free) in the VIP room of the Partagas shop all week long....and not just the cheap stuff. Havana Club 7 year was the cheapest rum that was offered with Seleccion Maestros as backup and on occasion a couple of bottles of the new Tributo were opened.

The Calm Before the Storm

Odalys doing her best to sign everyone in

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