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Monday 24 December 2018

Partagas Encuentro (Cena de Gala) Friday, Nov.16, 2018

                     Back again for another Partagas Encuentro Gala Event and in my opinion this was one of the better ones that I've been to. Grecia and her crew at the Partagas Shop did an amazing job, Thank You. The entertainment was top notch with an incredibly talented jazz band playing through a good part of the night and Cuban star Haila singing later on. The food was the absolute best of all the Gala Events I've participated in and things wrapped up rather quickly, this way we could go for a nightcap before heading back to our chosen abodes. In most cases, this would be the last time we see each other until the next year. Great time and regardless of the price, 9 cigars were given out and a Santiago 20 year old Rum was put on the table for the 8 of us to share. The Rum was a great way of topping off the evening....we killed it.

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  1. As usual Matteo you outdid yourself. Great pics from Partagas Cena de gala. Feliz Navidad amigo!