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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Reynol Perez Pereira is the new house roller at Club Havana LCDH (Havana)

                     As usual I try to visit the Club Havana LCDH when I travel to Cuba and this trip was no exception. However, on this visit I found the staff to be a bit evasive when I asked about their roller Jorge....that was because he was no longer there. It wasn't until my second visit that I realized Jorge was no longer there or in Cuba for that matter. The replacement was quietly working away at the rollers table and I thought this a good opportunity to ask him a few questions and let those who didn't already know, there's a new roller at 'Club Havana'. Keep in mind that this interview took place in November 2018.

1. Reynol Perez Pereira was born May 25, 1973. He is married and has 2 children.

2. He's been working at Club Havana for 3 months (6 months now).

3. Prior to coming here Reynol was working in the Romeo y Julieta factory (not the store) and prior to that he was at the El Laguito factory 2009-2015.

4. He's traveled to several countries working for Habanos: Switzerland, England, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and Cyprus to name a few.

5. His favourite Vitolas to roll are figurado or Torpedo.

6. The amount of cigars he rolls per week depends on demand.....25 to 300.

7. When I asked him if he was nervous coming to Club Havana with it's past history he answered that he was a little bit nervous but also proud to be given the responsibility of bearing the torch of past notoriety.

8. His favourite sport is Baseball and favourite team are the Havana Industriales.

9. The last question I asked him was...Name 3 people, dead or alive, you would like to smoke a cigar with. His answer was: Fidel Castro, Jose Marti & Che Guevara.

As far as I can surmise about his personality without knowing him very well, he's quiet like his predecessor and rolls some great cigars. For those of you who were fans of the Monsdale, it's alive and now being produced by Reynol. As far as how it compares with past examples....taking into consideration that the tobacco being used today is not the same tobacco being used back in the day, in my opinion the Monsdales being rolled today have kept with the tradition of the past. I suggest you visit Reynol and judge for yourself.

Reynol Perez Pereira



  1. Nice article I like Reynol he's been rolling me some nice
    diademas. Cannot wait to go back Club Habana is my home away from home, been going there over 18 years, still have a humidor there

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