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Thursday 14 February 2019

5ta y 16 LCDH (Miramar) One on my Favourite Havana Cigar Shops

                    Since moving to Miramar when traveling to Cuba I've had to find my way around my neighborhood.....where to shop, where to eat and of course where to smoke and buy cigars. A logical spot for me to smoke a cigar is the closest shop near my casa but another place that's not too far is the 5ta y 16 shop where the famous son of Alejandro Robaina and good friend, Carlos Robaina, is the PR guy. Osmany Rios has returned to the shop after a lengthy stay in Toronto, Canada and there are only a few more knowledgeable people working in the industry. I came here several times during my last trip and if I wasn't a "Friend of the Shop" before then, I'm certainly one now. I was always treated exceptionally well and it's a great spot to have a drink and relax while smoking something good. They have a well stocked humidor and someone is always there to help you with your purchase. There's a restaurant behind the shop that serves up decent food at a reasonable price and the Cigar Shop has it's own bar with bartender to take care of your can also order food to be eaten within the Cigar Shop if you don't feel like moving. The beer is extra cold and they have a decent selection of rums. Lots of room in the main space but if you have some kind of special meeting they also have a private lounge. There's also a house roller, Maria, but you better order her cigars ahead of time because there were never any available while I was there.

5ta Y 16 LCDH & Restaurant
5ta Avenida y Calle 16
Miramar, Playa, Havana
tel. (7) 204-7973

Main Smoking Room

Private Lounge

Carlos Robaina

Osmany Rios

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  1. Looks like a very nice shop. Can’t wait to visit.