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Sunday 8 December 2019

Calle Consulado (Havana) A Pictorial

                 Consulado begins near the Malecon and runs up to and ends at San Jose behind the Gran Teatro & Capitolio building. It travels between & parallel to Calle Industria and Paseo de Marti (Prado) & is a street that you don't hear people talk about unless they have a reason to go there. This was one of the thoroughfares I traversed during my lengthy stay in Havana recently. It's an average type of area in Centro Havana, maybe a little better than average if you compare it to some of the areas within Old Havana. It was rather quiet during the day with hardly any vehicular traffic and I felt completely safe. Different styles of architecture are represented here, even though I know nothing about architecture, it was even evident to me. Many buildings are in different stages of disrepair and most are in dire need of a paint job. You'll find mostly private residences, a few apartment buildings but mostly low rise....lots of Casa Particulares (Cuban home stay). The street isn't one kilometer in length and at one time, when movie theaters were in their prime during the early part of the last century, this thoroughfare was home to 4 cinemas. This is a typical road in this part of the city and if you use your imagination you can picture that at one time this was a prominent one in Centro Habana. It's a good place to see regular Cubans going about their business....lots of activity at the corners of Neptuno and the pedestrian only street, San Rafael, just two short blocks down the road.
                There was nothing I could find that would give me a little history about this street. Below I've posted a few of the pictures I took during my walk. I hope you enjoy them.

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