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Sunday 15 March 2020

La Corona Cigar Factory (Havana)

              I had a chance once again to visit this factory through the Habanos Festival activities. Since we were with Habanos, we were allowed to take pictures....otherwise it's not permitted. However, this location has nothing to do with the original brand or location.
              Originally, 'La Corona' was not a factory, it was a brand owned by Jose Cabargas y Cia. that was registered in 1845. The original location where the cigars were rolled was at Calle Cuba #129 and during the 1870's moved to #103-105 Concordia. Jose died in 1873 at a time when the La Corona brand had achieved recognition. The brand was passed on to a relative, Antonio Cabargas who moved the factory to #93 Galiano...this is where they first named the factory by it's Brand. Shortly afterwards the industry was going through some hard times and the factory was sold to Manuel Lopez who owned it until 1882. By 1889 the factory and brand were owned by the wealthy firm, Alvarez, Lopez y Cia who moved it to the Palacio de Aldama at #1 Reina where it was then known as the La Corona factory. The building had been confiscated by the Spanish government due to the previous owner's involvement in the independence movement and auctioned off to Alvarez y Lopez y Cia. In the late 1990's, due to the difficulties arising from the war of independence, La Corona was bought out by the American Tobacco Co. which was 100% US owned. In 1902 the factory moved once again to the Palacio de Hierro (Iron Palace) located at #10 Zulueta (today being converted into a hotel). It was known as the Iron Palace because it was the first building in Havana to use steel beams in it's construction. In 1960 the new Cuban government took control of the factory and continued to roll cigars there under the same name until recently. Initially, the move to it's current location at #520 Avenida 20 de Mayo, was to have been temporary. However, that doesn't seem to be the case today as I said previously, the last location at #10 Zulueta has been slated to become a Hotel.
              I have left out many details of this story but my point was to inform you that this was not the original location of this factory and that it was not just a factory name but also a reference to the famous cigar brand of the past that was rolled previously in other locations.

La Corona Cigar Factory
#520 Avenida 20 de Mayo
Guided Tours: 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm Mon-Fri
You can buy tickets at the Saratoga or Habana Libre hotels
(but this can always change)

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