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Friday 20 March 2020

Lamparilla Tapas & Cervezas (Restaurant) Havana March 2020

                   I come here at least once on almost every trip I take to Cuba. Mainly because I enjoy the food and secondly it's a convenient location in Old Havana. I usually end up here when I'm wandering around the city and get hungry. The service has always been pleasant and the variety of dishes available, their presentation and quality when they reach the table, has been consistently good. On this trip, my wife and I shared the; Croquetas de Pollo (which we always have), Torta de Maiz y Pollo & the Burrito de Cerdo. The Chicken Croquet has always been a favourite of ours, as my wife says, they actually use chicken, very nicely presented. The Corn Cake with Chicken was a first time for us, we liked it so much we ordered a second one. It's a piece of sweet cornbread topped with shredded chicken crowned with yogurt. The last dish I wasn't crazy about, the pork burrito. Well presented but I should have ordered it with the chicken or beef....if the beef was ropa vieja. It wasn't horrible, I ate it, but it wasn't as tender as I thought it could have been.
                  The prices are reasonable and the main room opens out onto the street....cigar smoking is allowed. There's also an upstairs and you can reserve that for a larger group if need be. If you haven't already tried this place, give it a shot, it's worth the visit.

Lamparilla #361 e/ Aguacate y Villegas
Habana Vieja (near Plaza del Cristo)
Tel: +53 5289 5324
Hours: 11:30 am – 11:30 pm

Papaya Juice  $3

Guava Juice  $3

Free Testers

Torta de Maiz y Pollo  $5

Croquetas de Pollo  $5

Burrito de Cerdo  $8

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