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Monday 24 September 2012

Cohiba Robusto (cigar review)

                 I was given this cigar by an Aficionado friend of mine who was trying to turn me around. I didn't have a good impression of the Cohiba Robusto and my friend was trying to convince me that you need to age them a few years. I have always been used to getting a box and smoking it, I mean smoking it within a few months. I've been told they need a few years to rest to shake off some of that youth. Of course I was willing to check it out. This particular stick was from 2006.
                  This cigar was kind of rough looking with a bumpy cap. The wrapper was light coloured and slightly veiny. It was very solid to the touch, like a rock. The pre-light draw gave me light wood and spice. Once lit the draw was perfect; big, bold and very peppery delivering big clouds of smoke with every draw. I was picking up flavours of earth and wood with a hint of chocolate.
                  At the first 3/4" the burn is even. The edge has come off slightly since I lit this cigar and started drinking Zacapa Rum. By the time I got to the first inch the burn was almost perfect, the draw was perfect and the flavours were evening out and becoming very smooth. Just caught a whiff of tea up the nose. The ash is a little flaky but otherwise perfect. It started out as a strong cigar but closer to a medium now.
                 Near the halfway mark and I'm getting earthy bitter chocolate flavours. Flicked the ash because I didn't want to make a mess and realized the ash was very stiff. I could have gone on much longer before the ash would have fallen on it's own. The ash that was left was a perfect cone shape telling me it was an excellent roll.
                 At the halfway mark, picking up some black tea and getting stronger. The cigar doesn't change much through this quarter but by the time I reach the last quarter I pick up hints of floral and shortly after that it mellows again. The burn is still perfect with no touch ups so far. Dominant chocolate flavours now with notes of earth and wood. Picking up a little strength on and off through this last quarter. At this point I flicked the cigar for the second time and noticed it burning a little hotter through the middle, I hadn't noticed. I touched up the cigar with my torch. Closer to the end the bitterness began to peek through but I kept on going. It began to kick my butt, getting stronger with every draw. I even had to use a clip to hold the cigar but it wasn't until a short while after that and I gave it up.
                 In conclusion.....I liked it. It was definitely much better than smoking a current release. I learned that this is a cigar that needs to be put down a few years. Can it get better?? This cigar still had a lot of life to it and could have laid down a few more years. Unlike the cigar I smoked after this one that seamed to have lost flavour through the years. If you buy these cigars, make sure to lay them down a few years. They are not for beginners, a big, strong smoke.


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  1. Nice review. The pre-light aroma is exquisite - sour, it reminds me of hazelnut and almonds.