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Tuesday 18 September 2012

Montecristo #1 (cigar review)

               I was really looking forward to smoking this cigar that someone gifted me last week. I hadn't had one in quite some time so I didn't think twice about smoking it this week. I don't have any in my humidor right now. Although I don't know the box date on this cigar I can tell by the band that this cigar is dated between 2003-2006. That's going to make this smoke that much nicer, at least I hoped so. I've always enjoyed this mild-medium bodied smoke and this one should be smoking beautifully.
               This slightly box-pressed cigar was hard to the touch and a little oily. It had a smooth almost veinless wrapper that was a bit mottled and had a bumpy cap. I was able to get a draw before cutting the cigar, that was promising. When I did cut it, I was was left with this perfect little indentation. I heard say that this is the sign of a masterful roller and a perfectly rolled cigar. I would soon find out.
               The draw was just slightly firm, almost perfect. I couldn't really pick up much of anything on the pre-light draw. Once lit the draw was as expected, a little firm but very smokeable. Soon after, the wrapper started to unravel a bit at a certain spot near the foot of the cigar but it hadn't affected the smoke. By about the first inch the burn was almost even. This was a mild smoke, no surprise, earth and wood, just as I remembered. The ash was almost white. The cigar was a bit dry to the taste and the flavour really didn't change much except for a hint of chocolate near the end of the first half.
                 Flicked the ash for the 2nd time just past the half and noticed it was burning just a little hotter through the middle but I'd hardly noticed.  Once again the cigar remained consistent through the 3rd quarter. This was an extremely smooth cigar that was rolled exceptionally well and so far had been very easy to smoke. At the last quarter it began to pick up strength but mellowed out again shortly after. The burn had begun to go off but again, no change in flavour. When it began to get a difficult to hold I let it go.
                 I enjoyed this cigar but it's not for everyone. If you like a full bodied cigar this one's not for you. It's so different than any of the other vitolas Montecristo makes. I enjoy this cigar for the reason that it's how it is and has always been that way as long as I have smoked them. I don't ever remember smoking a bad one either. There's a lot to be said for consistency and that's the experience I've had with this cigar. As far as my smoking habit goes, there's always room for a good mild Cuban in my humidor. In my opinion this particular cigar couldn't have gotten any better. It was smooth as silk and I don't think any more age would have done it any good. My thanks go out to the brother who gifted me this wonderful cigar.


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