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Monday 17 September 2012

Crisantos Miranda (hotel comodoro) Havana

                  Crisantos Miranda is alive and well and still rolling some of the best cigars in Havana at the Hotel Comodoro in the Miramar district. On my last trip I decided to rent a room at the Hotel Comodoro mainly because Crisantos is rolling in the cigar shop at the entrance to this hotel. He has been there a number of years and has become a friend of mine through the years. I found him in good health on this trip and as always the cordial host. His cigars are still top notch and I can say with experience that the formula (blend) he uses to make his cigars remains the same. I enjoy his mild to medium cigars and especially so the few days I spent at this hotel. If you're ever in the area you must pay him a visit and tell him Matteo from Canada says hello. Below is a pictorial from several visits I made to his shop in the days I spent at the hotel.

Hotel Comodoro

3ra y 84, Miramar, Playa Ciudad de la Habana

tel. (07) 204-5551



  1. Great Roller and wonderful person.

  2. Mateo, I am happy you were able to meet up with your friend. These are beautiful pictures. Thank you for your descriptive post.