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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Le Garage Restaurant (breakfast review)

                  I've visited this spot on my last 3 trips. This time I came to check out an addition to the menu, breakfast. On a previous trip they talked about opening for breakfast and they were saying it was going to be North American style. So here I am checking it out.
                  Firstly, it's super expensive for Cubans and saw none of them in the restaurant. It's even more expensive than some restaurants here in Toronto, Canada. No matter, it's only breakfast anyway, let's take the plunge.
                   The freshly squeezed Papaya juice was excellent, even though they added sugar but it was served at room temperature. The selection of fruit on the fruit plate that came with my breakfast was nice enough; Pineapple, Papaya, Mango, Guava, Melon and Banana but none if it was ripe. The toast bread may have been toasted but it was neither warm or brown, just hard as a rock. The scrambled eggs were unrecognizable. They were like little egg chips and very dry. The croissant was not too bad but wasn't great. The cafe con leche on the other hand was perfect.
                    Over-all the service was as it has always been; friendly and prompt. The presentation of the food was okay as well. The idea was good as well but for what you're getting the price is too high. They should also think about changing the music, they've been playing the same cd for 8-9 months. We never see the place busy and believe they should be attracting Cuban business as well as tourist. Don't kid yourself, the tourist is looking for a deal as well.
                    It's a shame and we hope we're wrong but we don't see this place lasting with these prices. We like the place and will continue to support it when in the area but I won't be having breakfast there again unless it gets better.

Le Garage
Ave. 3ra., esq a Calle 60
Miramar, La Habana
tel. (7)203-0521

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