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Wednesday 19 February 2014

Ristorante Cafe del Oriente (Plaza San Francisco) Habana Vieja

              I have never eaten in this establishment but I've had many a drink on the patio with it's gorgeous view of the Plaza San Francisco. They have a very well stocked bar with an experienced bartender here. I've read mixed reviews about the food and service in the restaurant upstairs and that it comes with a hefty price tag. The decor on the main floor is stunning, very high class, the waiters wear tuxedos, and although it's expensive, a place of this caliber in my city would cost a fortune in comparison. However, being a state owned restaurant, it doesn't surprise me that it's inconsistent. I've never been upstairs and to tell you the truth, before writing this post, I didn't know it had an upstairs. On the few occasions that I've had a beverage or two on the lower level patio, I don't recall having had a bad experience. I wish I'd taken photos of the menu, next time I'll do a better job. For now I hope you enjoy the pictures of the main floor bar-restaurant.

Hours of Operation
Bar: 10am - 12pm
Restaurant: 12noon - 12pm

Cafe del Oriente
Oficios 112 esq. Amargura
Plaza de San Francisco de Asis
Habana Vieja
tel. 537 8606686

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