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Wednesday 26 February 2014

Wine In Cuba (CENTRO COMERCIAL PALCO ) Miramar, Havana

              When I travel to Havana I never stay at a Hotel, I always stay in a private home. I go out for meals sometimes but usually I take more of my meals at the house I stay in. I'm forever looking for the best places to buy food and wine. People often ask me, 'Can I find wine in Cuba', and the answer is yes. There are a few places where you can purchase wine in Havana, some better than others. The countries of origin are somewhat limited; Chile, Argentina, Spain, France, Italy (mostly Spanish)... but that's not too bad. What's important is variety and proper storage. I have found through my many years of travel in Havana that the best stocked stores are in the Miramar district where you'll find most of the Embassies and many foreigners. Although I see a few Cubans shopping in these stores (more and more lately), they are mostly for foreigners. Here you will find many high priced items that are beyond reach for the average Cuban. As far as wine goes, you can find a few places in the city that carry wine but the best shops for variety (and proper storage) and quantity can be found in Miramar or a little further. In my opinion, the best of the best is at the Centro Comercial Palco at the far end of Miramar in the Reparto Flores section of the city. This is a Supermarket that offers all kinds of food stuff but as far as I'm concerned it offers the best selection of wine. There's also a section containing a decent variety of liquor as well. I had to fight to take these pictures....I don't know what's up with that. After a little talking however, I was able to take the pictures I've posted below. I hope this convinces some people that Cuba isn't as barbaric as one would think, they do have wine, you just have to know where to go. Check out the prices (hope they're visible on the post), some things are ridiculous but some stuff is priced cheaper than where I come from but all the wines are quite reasonable in comparison to Canada with all it's taxes. I forgot to take a picture of the front of the supermarket but the link below not only has a picture of the outside of the supermarket, it also has a list and description of a few more places around the city. I've yet to find a taxi driver that doesn't know where this place is. However, be prepared, it's way on the other side of Miramar. If you're staying in Old Havana, the price of a taxi there and back will be at least 20cuc.

Centro Comercial Palco
5ta Ave y Calle 188
Miramar, Rpto. Flores


  1. So if you're planning a trip to Cuba, my advice to you to start, is don't go there looking for what you expect at home. I think I might have developed an addiction for their wonderful dishes.
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  2. Good to know....I usually go to the supermarket at FOCSA in Vedado

  3. ...but if you're staying in Old or Centro Havana it's a long way to go.