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Tuesday 15 April 2014

Cafe Miramar (Havana) A New Jazz Club

                      This new jazz bar has been opened several months now and so I paid a visit on my last trip to Cuba. One of the best things about this place is that it's only a couple of hundred meters away from where I stay in the Miramar district of Havana. However, there's a major downfall, it's a non-smoking establishment. I'm sure that may make some people happy, those non-smokers who have difficulty finding a place in Cuba where they're not surrounded by smoke....but not my friends and I who are avid cigar smokers. Having said that, it's a pretty good Jazz venue.
                       It's located on 5ta Avenida not far from the Hotel Occidental Miramar, on the same side of the street in the 'Cine Teatro Miramar' building. It's a modern looking spot, brand new, furniture....decor. I was told the acoustics were top notch and they were right. The sound was absolutely bang on. There's a 5cuc admission and there weren't that many people there, although that could have been due to the downpour outside. The Lead Musician almost didn't make it because of the weather. The stage is located in the middle of the room, I think that's a great idea, especially since the acoustics were that good. They told me the bands changed regularly as witnessed by the posters on the walls and flyers that were being handed out. The styles of music varied from one artist to the next. The wine list was small but there were several selections that I liked. We went with the Chianti Peppoli for 24cuc per costs $20 in the store here in my city and $50-60 in a restaurant...we had 3 bottles. The food menu was also limited, not only that, they only had 3 items that night; Fried Pork, Prosciutto & Quarter Chicken. We ordered one of each but the prosciutto was so good we had to order another one. The prices were very reasonable, check the menu below. They also had a decent mix of liquor, also at a reasonable price. More food than the 5 of us could eat with 3 bottles of wine and several soft drinks, the bill was about 100cuc. The Chicken and Pork were edible but the prosciutto was exceptional....however, they had very little bread and the serviettes were small (actually dinner serviettes cut in pieces). The waiter tried very hard to make us happy and it was appreciated, especially since this was a State Run establishment. If you can stand the non-smoking, it's a good venue for jazz, I like it better than 'Jazz Cafe' in Vedado. At least you can see the stage from every seat in the house and the music isn't piercing your the service is better.

Cafe Miramar
5ta Avenida No. 9401 esq. Calle 94,
Miramar. Havana
tel. 203 7676

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