Robaina's plantation

Wednesday 30 April 2014

H.Upmann Royal Robusto LCDH Exclusivo 2011 (Cigar Review) Box Date May 2012

                 I bought this box in Cuba last year at the Club Havana LCDH. There were several boxes but this one was the only one with a 2012 box date. Someone had told me that anything from 2012 was smoking well and so I couldn't resist...I'm glad I picked it up. My reference site says these were released in 2011 and that only 5000 dress boxes of 10 cigars were made. This is a Robusto weighing in at 52 x 135 (5.3").
                  This bumpy cigar with a bumpy cap was hard to the touch but veinless. I got little to nothing on the pre-light draw but the draw was perfect. It started out mild with notes of wood and hints of nuts and earth. By the time I got to the first inch the burn was a little off. This is definitely a mild cigar and after the first inch I touched it up with my torch. Flicked the ash at about the 1/4 mark and the flavour is unchanged. The burn was fine for about another 1/4 but by the time I reached the half it was off again and so I touched it up again....and then again.
                  And so it went...flavour didn't change, burn a bit uneven, draw was bang on. This was a mild, uncomplicated cigar. Many people swear by it and I really enjoyed it. I think it may be a bit too mild for anyone who enjoys a full-bodied cigar but I like many flavour profiles and strengths. For me, this will be a go-to cigar, maybe a morning smoke or something to start a multi cigar night. I'm going to have to search for more of these cigars when I'm back in Cuba a couple of weeks from now.
                  I'm sorry I couldn't say more about this cigar but it really wasn't that complicated. However, I can tell you this....I put it down because I couldn't hold it any longer. If I can smoke a cigar down that far, anyone who knows me will tell you that's an endorsement.