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Monday, 21 April 2014

Rafael González Petit Piramides Edición Regional Alemania 2013 (cigar review)

                     I had read somewhere that this cigar was pretty mild, which isn't a negative in my book. It was sent to me by a friend who lives in Germany. 6000 numbered dress boxes of 10 cigars were made in 2013 with an early 2014 release. The Vitola is a Petit Pyramid and weighs in at 50 x 127 (5"), a nice short smoke.
                    A decent looking cigar that appeared to be constructed well. It was hard to the touch, a little bumpy but veinless. I got nothing on the pre-light draw but got earthy flavours once lit. A little leather creeping in after the first half inch. This was definitely a mild cigar. It had a good draw but the burn was a little uneven. I eventually touched it up with my torch so it wouldn't get away from me. Passing the first inch, the flavours haven't changed and it's still a mild smoke. Flicked the ash at about the 1 1/2" mark, I was smoking inside and didn't want to make a mess. I was left with a nice cone shaped ash, a sign of a good roll.
                    Past the halfway mark I flicked the ash again, burning even now. The flavours still haven't changed. It began to pick-up strength with about an inch and a half to go. Touched it up near the end, I couldn't hold it any longer.
                    Not a spectacular cigar but a very pleasant smoke nonetheless....I couldn't hold it anymore, that says it all. A perfect morning smoke with a cup of coffee or a good starter cigar on those occasions when I smoke 4-5 in one sitting. I don't recall the price but I don't remember it being expensive. In my opinion, worth the money, actually....I must add some to my collection. I liked it but don't expect big things from this cigar.


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