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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Santana Restaurante-Paladar (Miramar) Havana

                    A friend of mine who traveled with me to Cuba a year and a half ago brought this restaurant to my attention. It's right on 5ta Ave literally a couple of hundred yards in a straight line on the same street where I stay while in Cuba. The place had just opened up then and I've since been in a few times for lunch and dinner. It's very decent with fair prices, meaning cheap by our standards. The service is pleasant although not very knowledgeable at times. The food has been tasty and fresh if not always presented in appetizing fashion. What I'm trying to say is that you won't find anything spectacular here....but the food is good and not expensive and in my case not far, within walking distance in a safe neighbourhood. The wine list is limited, they don't have one. They have a small wine fridge with a few bottles and they're not expensive, I've always been able to pick something out for $16cuc. The menu is varied enough that there's always something new to try if I'm only going several times in one year. The whole fish has always been an attraction for me, not enough restaurants have whole fish on their menu in Havana, most prefer filet. I like their Beef Carpaccio & Ceviche for appetizers. It's tough to come here if you're driving since you can't stop on 5th Ave but they do have a driveway but there are many restaurants that are much better than this if you have to drive here. I recommend this as a great neighbourhood restaurant and I hope they have continued success. I for one will continue to come to this place and they allow me to smoke my cigars on the patio (not inside). They've done a great job on the interior, nice furniture...tablecloths, it's a really pleasant space and the owner looks like he tries very hard.

Santana Restaurante
5a Ave, Entre 80 y 82,
Miramar, Havana, Cuba
(537) 206 52 01


Whole Red Snapper

Eggplant Parmigiano

Beef Carpaccio

Fish Filet in Garlic

Ropa Vieja

Side Vegetables

Homemade Bread

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  1. Nice decor...... Definitely a plus for letting you smoke afterwards :0)