Robaina's plantation

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hoyo de Monterrey LCDH Exclusivo 2012 (my thoughts) box date Mar.2015

                  This Hoyo de Monterrey is called the 'Epicure de Luxe', a Petit Robusto weighing in at 52 x 115 (4.5"), just a hair longer than the Montecristo Petit Edmundo. I was under the impression that this cigar was produced only for a 2012 release but they continue to produce this cigar, hence the 2015 box date.
                   It has a darkish coloured wrapper and is hard to the touch but once cut it demonstrates a perfect draw, the pre-light tasting dry and cedary. Once lit it emits flavours of wood, earth and herbs. It starts to burn like it's going to be a bit off but that didn't happen until much later. First half inch is mild to medium with earth beginning to overpower everything shortly afterwards...closer to medium-strong now.
                   And so it ends that way with the flavours not changing much, I put it down when there was a third left of the cigar. It was getting more difficult to smoke with the taste having turned. It's obvious that this is a young cigar but I feel it has aging potential to iron out those rough edges and add a little complexity. I'm willing to give it a couple of years.