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Friday 4 March 2016

Pedro Cantero Rodriguez (Cuban Artist) Havana

                      I don't know anything about this artist (I can't find anything on the internet) except his date of birth, June 19, 1962 and that this exhibit was put on display May 29 when the 'Twelfth Bienal de la Habana' opened and would stay on until August 29. It's a personal exhibition of the artist Pedro Cantero Rodriguez showing at the National Museum of Cuban Contemporary Ceramics on Calle Mercaderes. These pictures were taken on June 6th during the Bienal this past summer.

Tierra (2015)

La Confabulacion de La Sed (2015)

 Jugando a ser Lluvia II (2015)

Juegos del Agua (2015)

La Tinaja del Clima (2015)

Fecundacion (2015)

Las dos Mitades del Vacio (2015)

Acqua-Genitalia (2015)

Jarra (2015)

El Aguador (breve historia de la humanidad) (2015)

Gotas (2015)

Anfora (2015)

Agua Fresca (2015)

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