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Saturday 12 March 2016

Montecristo Habanos Añejados Churchill 2014 (my thoughts)

               I received this cigar as a gift from a friend in Havana. It's said the leaf in this cigar is aged for 5 - 8 years. It was slated to be released in 2014 but was just released last year in early 2015. It's sold in a Dress Box of 25 cigars. The vitola is a Churchill weighing in at 47 x 178 (7.0"). I had smoked one in Havana a few months ago and maybe it was because I was distracted (I don't analyze cigars in Cuba) but I didn't think much of it then but the one I smoked now is remarkably different.                                                                                          This cigar has an almost flawless wrapper with no notable imperfections. Pre-light draw is very faint cedar. Once lit it's all earth and wood with a hint of leather. The burn is uneven and because I was smoking in someone's house I flicked the ash at about the one inch mark. It turned out to be a medium bodied cigar with the flavours changing to nutmeg and earth with a shot of barnyard.
               Past the half it began to pick-up strength and earth becomes the predominant flavour coming through. Nearing the last third it turns musty with shots of pepper and so it remains that way to the end making it a difficult smoke.
               Do I dare say this cigar needs more time. It felt that the flavours were all over the place with stuff coming through that was beyond my limited interpretative skills. It seemed to me as I was smoking it that it has lots of room for change if these cigars rest longer. If you were thinking about buying the Montecristo Añejados and wondering if it was worth the price tag....In my opinion, the unique flavour profile merits the extra money, if you can afford it, buy it.



  1. Good review..... Heard a lot of "Cons" about this smoke, nice to see they are changing :0)

  2. I think this is a very good cigar! Thanks a lot for sharing your review, I tend to agree with you. @cigars4soul

    1. I just tried the Partagas Anejado last night and it's better.