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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

La Casa Verde (House of Green Gables) Miramar, Havana

                  As you come out of the tunnel and enter Miramar from the Vedado district of Havana along the Malecon, you now begin to drive along Fifth Avenue. To your right stands The Green House, you can't miss it. Have you ever wondered what's inside? I know I have and I finally got a chance to look inside during my last trip.            
                  The lands and properties where the house sits were purchased by Alberto de Armas in 1925. Miramar was already earning a reputation as part of the city with large estates and huge boulevards. Construction of the three floor house built with masonry, brick and marble, terminated in November 1926. It had a garage in the basement that could accommodate 4 vehicles, the house contained five bedrooms, three bathrooms, four closets and a lobby on the third floor. In November 1943 the property was bought by Luisa Rodriguez and Faxas who was born in Barcelona, Spain, November 25, 1922 later becoming a nationalized Cuban. Luisa occupied the house until her death as it deteriorated around her. The husband had left her penniless and it was impossible to keep up with the maintenance. The tiles started coming off the roof which created leaks that led to severe moisture damage within the house. In the end, having no family remaining in Cuba, upon Luisa's death the house became the property of the State. The house was completely restored by the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana headed by Eusebio Leal. It won the National Restoration Award in 2010, given by the National Council of Cultural Heritage (CNPC). An extensive search for documents and photographs showing what the house looked like inside and out took place before the restoration began. Rumours abound regarding this house; it's haunted or that there were misdoings regarding the children but the information is sketchy at best.
               I have no idea of the cost of admission or hours of operation. It was closed to the public when I came calling but I was allowed a quick look-see without a guide. I believe they were repairing something and it had been closed for a bit. I was only able to see the main floor,

Calle 2 No. 308, e/ 3ra y 5ta ave.,
Miramar, Playa, Havana

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  1. Beautiful...... I owned a similar 1898 fully restored Victorian house a few years back, and I hated to sell but at least I got to live in it for 7 years :0)