Robaina's plantation

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Partagas Encuentro ....just a few weeks away (Havana)

               The Partagas Encuentro is just a few weeks away (November 14 – November 18) and I can't wait to reunited with friends from around the world. At that time La Casa del Habano Partagás will not be as empty as you see it in the pictures below (taken in July), it will jammed with Aficionados from all walks of life for at least an entire week. I have included a list of the activities and prices. As always, it promises to be a memorable event.

La Casa del Habano, Partagás
Calle Industria #520 e/ Dragones y Barcelona
Centro Habana, Havana
tel. 011 53 7 8623772
      011 53 7 8668060


  1. Hi, I am wondering if you know if there is a factory in operation here....... I know Cigar Aficionado has written many times that the Partagas Factory moved a while ago. Is something up and running here now? Thanks!

    1. Hello Dave, The Partagas factory's old location is still closed. It has been rumored that the Tobacco Museum will eventually open here....when is another question.