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Sunday 2 October 2016

Restaurante Paladar El Criollo de Trinidad (Restaurant Bar) Trinidad

              A while back I reviewed another restaurant in Trinidad that was ranked number one out of 109 restaurants in this city (I didn't know you could get 109 restaurants into Trinidad) by TripAdvisor, Restaurante San Jose. There is a significant difference between these two restaurants and it has nothing to do with their ranking (El Criollo is ranked #42). Although the other restaurant has the El Criollo beaten hands down when it comes to decor, the quality of food served might be as good....but much different. El Criollo on the other hand is located in an absolutely precious area of the city with a spectacular view from it's rooftop patio (something the other doesn't have) very close to the Plaza Mayor and the Casa de La Musica. The entrance to the restaurant doesn't look very appealing and I remember thinking that it couldn't possibly serve anything decent. Upon entering the main air-conditioned dining room, I didn't think any different about the food. The tacky decor with the red and white checkerboard tablecloths made me want to rethink our decision about eating here but we came to visit the owner who also rents rooms in the building next door and it didn't make sense to find another place to eat this late at night. I was pleasantly surprised, although the presentation on the plate wasn't anything special (it just wasn't anything), the quality of the products used and how they were prepared was very good. Don't expect gourmet here, it's typical Cuban food but prepared well and is relatively inexpensive. The menu is huge, I don't know how the owner can have all these products at hand at any given time but he does and has a hand in everything that goes here. At one time he used to be the chef here as well, now he's trying to pass that task onto his son but still manages to put an apron on now and again as he did on this night. The service is pleasant and attentive. No smoking indoors but they have a huge rooftop patio where it's permitted. I recommend the Lamb. Dinner for 4 adults and 2 kids was 65.50cuc with 26cuc of that being drinks.  

Restaurante Paladar El Criollo de Trinidad
Calle Juan Manuel Marquez # 54-A
e/Piro Guinart y Simon Bolivar

Tostones   N/C

Estofado de Carnero   8.00

Chilindron de Carnero   8.00

Ropo Vieja   9.00

Lojas de Cerdo Rebosado   8.50

Nugget de Pollo   6.00

Fish Strips   N/C

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