Robaina's plantation

Sunday 26 March 2017

Hector Luis Prieto Tobacco Plantation (San Juan y Martínez - Pinar del Rio) March 2017

                  As with every trip I take out to Pinar Del Rio I always stop in and visit my friend Hector Luis Prieto. He owns one of the finest Tobacco Plantations in the Country and has not forgotten his friends after winning the Hombre Habano award in 2007 becoming the youngest man to have ever done so, he was 36. He was busy but relaxed, things were winding down on his farm. Most of the leaf except for a small patch had already been stored in the barns and was at some stage of curing. They were, however, awaiting a very large group of French Tourists to descend onto their property . There is a continuous caravan of foreigners that come to this farm from all over the world, large groups & small groups, regular tourists and cigar aficionados & Hector is happy to receive them.
                   We sat and chatted for a while when he finally was able to break away from the daily chores. He told me he had only planted the one time and not 2 or 3 times like many of the other farmers in the area taking advantage of the bumper crop. The feeling I get from everyone, Hector included, is a sense of relief that they've finally gotten a good harvest out of the ground. The last few years have been horrendous for tobacco growers in Cuba and although exceptional farmers like Hector can always get a decent harvest off their land, it must be a good feeling to get a great one without hitch. We smoked a cigar, had a couple of drinks and then I was off to my next stop. It was great to see everyone in good spirits and hoped in advance that the following year would be the same.

PS.....don't forget that Hector has recently built a guesthouse that sleeps 4 people for anyone interested in spending time on the farm. It has it's own bathroom and a balcony that overlooks the tobacco fields.

Smoking Lounge overlooking tobacco fields

Guesthouse sleeps 4


  1. Wonderful blog! I am going to be in Vinales next week - do you have an address for this farm - even a route number would help. Also same for Salvador's. I'll give them your regards.
    Many thanks, Frank

    1. I'm sorry for this late answer. For the life of me I couldn't remember where I saw your message (with all the different social medias I'm connected to...). I hope you found your way. I wouldn't have been able to give you an answer as there are no street signs in the country to able to give you directions. I go by sight, I just remember how to get there. Most of the time when I use a new driver they don't know where anything is except maybe the Robaina Farm....sometimes.