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Wednesday 29 March 2017

My Favourite Places to Smoke a Cigar in Havana

                I read an article in a magazine recently naming the best spots to smoke a cigar in Havana. I don't know if they were personal choices or if it was suggested or polled but needless to say I disagreed with most of them so made my own list. Of course some or many of you will disagree with my choices as well but the beauty of Havana is that there really is no bad place to smoke a cigar, just where you prefer to do it. Below I've listed my picks with no order in mind.

1. Hotel Nacional Patio
    Calle 21 y O, Vedado
   +53 7 836 3564 & 67
In my opinion as well as many others, this is the absolute best place to smoke a cigar in Havana. The ambiance, the scenery, the history, it's like time stood still. If you catch a breeze off Havana Bay it's perfect. A little pricey but the rest of Havana is beginning to catch-up, besides, who cares.

2. Cafe Oriente Patio (Plaza San Francisco)
    Oficios #112 esq. Amargura, Habana Vieja
    +53 7 860 6686
I love this place and if I'm ever in the area and in need of a break, I love to come here and smoke a cigar on their patio, sipping on a Caipirinha, while watching tourists and locals strolling by & if I'm lucky, sharing the moment with someone.

3. Partagas LCDH (VIP room)
    Calle Industria #520 e/ Dragones y Barcelona, Habana Vieja
    +53 7 862 3772
Of all the cigar shops in Havana this is by far the one that gives me the most desire to spend several hours in, not only because of the staff, but also the place itself. It would be easy to choose all the cigar shops in Havana as good places to smoke a cigar, and they are, but Partagas is beyond that.

4. Hotel Inglaterra Patio
    Paseo Del Prado #416 esq. San Rafael, Habana Vieja
The location of this spot is the number one attraction. Right on Prado, next to the pedestrian boulevard San Rafael. There is so much traffic going by that makes this perfect for people watching. If the band is playing it adds to the atmosphere.

5. La Mina Restaurant Patio (Plaza de Armas)
    Obispo esq. Oficios, Habana Vieja
    +53 7 671 0216
As far as food goes, for a state run restaurant it's not too bad but for the money you could do better. However, sitting on the patio, sipping on a rum while having a cafe con leche with a stogie at La Mina is one of my favourite places. Lots of activity and if the band is playing it adds to the atmosphere.

6. Castropol Restaurant Patio (during sunset)
    Malecón #107 e/ Genio y Crespo, Centro Habana
    +53 7 861 4864
Smoking is allowed on the patio and they serve very nice food at this restaurant as well. Located right on the Malecon, I like to come here late in the afternoon after trekking through Old Havana all day, have an early dinner and watch the sun go down while I'm smoking my cigar.

7. El Floridita
    Obispo #557, esq. Monserrat, Habana Vieja
    +53 7 867 1299
I know, very touristy, and you're right. However, if you catch a moment when it's not too full and the band is playing, it makes for a great backdrop to your cigar. After all, Hemingway couldn't have been wrong. The Cradle of the Daiquiri, expensive & tasty, I come here rarely, but when I do I enjoy it to the max.

8. Lamparilla Tapas & Cervezas
    Lamparilla #361 e/ Aguacate y Villegas, Habana Vieja
    +53 5 289 5324
Why this place in the middle of nowhere, because they cater to cigar smokers. Although you can smoke on the street level, they have a section upstairs that's geared for smokers. The owner used to work for the Partagas Shop. The food is very nice as well.

9. El Patio Restaurant (Plaza de La Catedral)
    Calle San Ignacio #54, Habana Vieja
    +53 7 867 1034
A lovely patio with a beautiful view, it makes my cafe con leche taste that much better and the Cigar as well. I've had many a morning coffee and cigar here.

10. El Gato Tuerto Nightclub
      Calle O #14 e/ 17 y 19, Vedado
      +53 7 838 2696
As far as nightclubs go this is one of the few remaining that still allow smoking of any kind. It's my preferred nightspot in the city since I enjoy a cigar with my live entertainment. All the Jazz Clubs I know of no longer allow smoking.

**Honorable Mention

Hotel Comodoro Cigar Shop
Calle 3ra y 84, Miramar, Playa
This is my favourite neighborhood Cigar Shop I have to say but it's more of a personal thing and not a place to recommend to smoke a cigar. The house roller is one of the best and the staff is Super friendly.

Conde de Villanueva LCDH
Calle Mercaderes 202 esq. Lamparilla, Habana Vieja
I enjoy coming here very much and always pop in if just for a moment while I'm walking through Old Havana. However, as enjoyable as it may be, it could give some people a feeling of being closed in and if you get a few people smoking at one time the place can get smoky very quickly. I've heard rumours some changes have taken place recently.

Abel's Restaurant
San Lazaro #319 esq. Nicolas, Centro Habana
The last time I was here the lounge wasn't quite complete. The restaurant is owned by ex-Manager of the Partagas cigar shop. I myself have not smoked here but it looked like it would turn out to be a nice spot for cigar smokers.

La Guarida Rooftop Patio
Concordia #418 e/ Gervasio y Escobar, Centro Habana
tel. +53 7 8669047
Only been here once for a reception but enjoyed my smoke while I was there. A wonderful view of the city and an excellent selection of cocktails.


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