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Thursday 13 April 2017

LCDH Varadero 63rd Street (March 2017)

                      This past March I was back again in Varadero, this time for a week. Of course I popped into my favoutite cigar shop around these parts to fill my order before going back home. I was sadly disappointed as there were no Limited Editions or Habanos Releases to be found. I did pick up a box of something pedestrian just the same since I had already designated a spot in my suitcases to bring that extra amount back with me. I noticed that the staff was a little tense this time, not with me but in general. They were trying to fill someones order that was in the shop at that moment and they seemed to be a bit flustered....I decided not to ask if I could enter the humidor this time feeling the answer would be no. When I've asked in the past nobody was in the shop.
                        I stayed for a cigar which I purchased from the store and went upstairs to their patio to smoke it with a Bucanero and Santiago de Cuba....I was the only person there smoking a cigar at this time. Their attitude was pleasant with myself and which ever customers they were interacting with at that time. I will return as always. Lets not forget that they also have a nice selection of Cigar Accessories, Rums, other Alcohol, Wines and Coffee.

La Casa del Habano
Calle 63 y 1ra Avenida
Varadero, Cuba

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