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Saturday 26 January 2019

Hotel Palco LCDH (Miramar) Havana 2018

                     I've only been in this shop a couple of times and since I was staying in Havana for two months on this trip I decided to make this one of times that I visit. I was on one of my long walks which would have me stroll by the Hotel Palco. I felt compelled to go in and visit Arnaldo Alfonso Ibanez, the house roller, and smoke one of his cigars. I wasn't sure if he would be there, the last time I visited he was quite old, I thought he may have retired. He was there and he was rolling and the place was actually a little busy. It seemed to me that the customers in the shop had been staying at the hotel and were buying their last stash before leaving for the airport. It doesn't take much to fill up this shop, especially if your other smoking lounge is being used as a storage area. I was in luck, a group was just leaving and I was able to take a seat. I guess I was a bit of a curiosity, a lone smoker coming in and buying a cigar to smoke in the shop....Arnaldo joined me for a few minutes to check me out. He's a pleasant old man who loves baseball, it was a pleasure chatting with him. Like the previous time, I enjoyed his cigar, a very delicious blend that was just what I wanted at that moment before heading back out to finish my walk. If you're ever in this area it's worth a few minutes of your time to pickup some of his cigars and give them a try. As far as what you'll find in the's a decent size but all I could see were the basic pedestrian cigars, no ELs (just the one everyone else had, the Punch 2017) no Behike no ERs. However, you never know one day.

Hotel Palco
Palacio de Convenciones de La Habana
Ave. 146 e/ 11 y 13
tel. (537) 204 7235 ext.629

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