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Friday 15 March 2019

Calle Industria (Havana)

                 Having the luxury of time on my last trip to Havana, I did a lot of walking.....a lot of walking. There were days that I would choose a street, or two, and walk the length of them while taking lots of pictures. Some streets were more interesting than others but all of them had something special or interesting about them. Some streets have a history while others, like Industria, might have a history but so obscure that there is nothing written about them on the internet. For Calle Industria, all I got on the internet was references to the Partagas Cigar Factory or shop, the relatively new restaurant Sia-Kara or some Casa rental.
                The street runs from the Parque de La Fraternidad right down to San Lazaro and the's the street behind the recently re-opened Capitolio building. It isn't one of the more fancier avenues, neither is it very long but some of the architecture is interesting. One thing that was noticeable to me was the slightly more decrepit state that it was in, part of the charm I guess. Something that I have stressed on several occasions, this was all perfectly safe, anywhere in the downtown core is safe, regardless of how it looks....during the day at least. I hope you like the pics.

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