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Friday 8 March 2019

Melia Cohiba LCDH (Havana) 2019

                      This is an LCDH in Havana that I don't get to go to often enough and not for any reason other than location. I will either walk to Cigar Shops that are close or relatively close to where I live in Havana (Miramar) or the opposite, I will take a transport to Old Havana and walk to different ones in the downtown core. It's a shame because one of my favourite cigar rollers works here at the Melia Cohiba, the famous Juanita. There's another reason why I like coming here, and I do make a point of coming here with this in mind as well, they have the best bar out of all the LCDHs in Havana. The bar is not only well stocked, it also has an expert bartender on hand to prepare whatever it is that you might like. The only other LCDH that comes close is the one that I no longer go to, the shop in the Hotel Melia Habana that's within walking distance of my casa. The reason I don't go there any longer, and I could never understand this, is because they've refused allowing me to take pictures. There are several shops in the city that have the same attitude.....why?? I have zero problems taking my pictures in most shops but some of them are almost nasty about it. The Melia Cohiba LCDH doesn't know me very well, I don't know everyone there, and they've never given me a problem. Juanita was there on my last visit and we do know each other. Other than changing her hair, she's always the same, forever ready with a smile and an excellent disposition....God Bless her. If you haven't already visited here you have to drop by and meet her....and the bartender makes an excellent Mojito.

PS......take the escalator to the second floor and look behind you is where you'll find the LCDH.

Hotel Melia Cohiba
Ave Paseo e/ 1ra y 3ra
Vedado, Havana

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