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Sunday 19 April 2020

Hoyo de Mena (Tobacco Farm) Pinar del Rio March 2020

                 Over the last decade, the situation in Pinar del Rio's foremost tobacco growing region has been far from perfect. Whether it's been due to unfavorable weather or inefficiencies....without getting into detail, life here on the farm has been difficult at best. Through it all Salvador Carbajal, the owner of the farm, continues to produce some of the best tobacco in the region, I can attest to that. Watching him during the Harvest is like watching an artist paint on a canvas. There is a tremendous amount of work that's involved during this time of year and the activity is something to behold....and during all this, something could always go sideways.
                This year has been favorable for Salvador and I can see it in his overall attitude, it's nearing the end of the harvest and things have gone well so far, with little time remaining before he's done....he's in the stretch now. I'm looking forward to trying this year's crop when it's ready to be processed into what is always a perfectly rolled cigar by the staff on the farm.
                It's been an immense pleasure to have witnessed a small portion of this year's harvest and I hope to see many more in the future. Thank You Salvador for your friendship. Stay strong, stay safe and we will see you when all this mayhem is over.

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