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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Live Life

Tonights blog will be short.
I had an uncle die in front of me today, my dads brother. I knew him all my life.
He and his wife lived here, in Canada, for over 45 years. Never left the country,
never went on a vacation, never went out to dinner, never did anything extravagant.
Now he's dead. My point??? Enjoy life, see the world, go out, buy yourself something
nice, endulge yourself, smoke that extra special cigar, with friends, with a special
bottle of wine or whatever your fancy is. Life is too short, today we're here, tomorrow
we're gone. Whats the point of socking it all away if you can't enjoy a little of it.
I can go on but you get the point. The next time I smoke a cigar it's going to be something
extra special I've been saving and dedicate it to him, an Edmundo Dante or
maybe a Cohiba Sublime Extra, we'll see. Who knows, the next day I might not
be around to smoke it. So Andrea Speranza, this blogs for you. Sweet dreams.

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