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Monday, 7 May 2012

Cohiba Siglo IV (cigar review)

               This used to be my favourite Cohiba until the Siglo VI came out. The one I'm smoking now was gifted to me a couple of years ago so I don't have a box date for it unfortunately.
                This cigar was pretty hard to the touch. The mottled, light coloured wrapper was smooth and veinless. The pre-light draw was good with hints of wood. Once lit I picked up floral notes which later changed to wood. The burn was pretty even and it was a little stronger than a medium on the strength scale. It was starting out to be a classic Siglo IV, like the ones I remembered. I haven't smoked this cigar in a while. The first quarter was very smooth and continued to give off woody flavours. I had decided to have Havana Club 7 year old Rum as my drink with this cigar and it felt like I was back in Cuba. The Rum was perfect with this smoke, they were meant to be together.
                 By the time I got to the first half the flavours had changed slightly and I began to pick up some burnt espresso beans and spice. The burn was still pretty bang on and I hadn't had to touch it up.
                  The cigar didn't change much after that. It continued to burn and draw well, the flavours held on until close to end where I picked up the floral notes once again. I was able to smoke this cigar almost to the end. No surprises, it was an extreme pleasure.
                   Smoking this cigar brought back memories of my early years of cigar smoking. The cigar was as I remembered so I have to say this cigar has been pretty consistent through the years. Even though I didn't know the age of this cigar I could tell it had a few years on it by how mature it tasted. It smoked very well and didn't seem young at all. Smoking this cigar has made me want to go out and buy a box next time I go to Cuba.

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