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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Por Larranaga Robusto Edicion Regional Alemania 2010 (cigar review)

               This is one of a few different German Regionals that was sent to me by a friend in Germany. It was released in 2010 but I can't tell you much more than there were only 56,250 made.
                The dry wrapper was medium brown in colour and cracked in a couple of places which probably happened on the trip here. Otherwise the construction of this cigar looked perfect. I was looking forward to lighting it up. A little hard to the touch and a beautiful looking cap. The pre-light draw was very mild and I couldn't pick up anything major. Once lit, the draw was perfect with hints of grass and earth. It was just slightly lighter than a medium in body. Into the first quarter it picked up a little strength to a little better than a medium with the grass flavours intensifying.
                 Past the third mark and the burn is almost even and the draw is as good as it gets. It's a pleasure to smoke a cigar when every aspect is bang on. The flavours weren't changing much at this point but I was enjoying it nonetheless. I flicked the ash at the halfway point and found a nice little cone, the cigar was burning well. The flavours still hadn't changed, in fact, it had gone back to it's original strength, a little less than a medium. Still enjoying it.
                  Nearing the last third it picked up strength to better than medium and I began to pick up lots of wood and earth flavours. At about the last quarter the burn was just a little off and I touched it up. I smoked this baby down to the end.
                  I enjoyed this cigar with a Ron Mulata Anejo which wasn't bad. This rum wouldn't be my first choice but it was around and I thought I would try it. Would I buy a box of these cigars? I prefer the other Por Larranaga German Regional, the lonsdale released in 2006. Those I would buy a box of. I will be talking to my friend in Germany about getting a few of those. I don't regret smoking the Robusto. It was a well constructed cigar that gave me no trouble at all and that for me is a major plus when I smoke a cigar. Enjoy the pics.

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