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Thursday 17 May 2012

Montecristo 520 Edicion Limitada 2012 (cigar review)

                This is a pre-release of the new Montecristo Maravilla No.3, a Robusto Extra at 55 x 155, which will be released sometime this year as a Limited Edition.
                 When I got this stick it was a little fresh and moist with some mushiness to the touch. The wrapper was oily, slightly dark and mottled. The tobacco in this cigar had been aged two years before rolling. I had been waiting a while to smoke one of these babies. It had a beautifully constructed cap and the cigar was almost veinless. When I put my mouth on the uncut cap I tasted a whole bunch of spice. After cutting, I picked up coffee and chocolate on the pre-light draw. Once lit, the draw was perfect, very big and lots of pepper. I love this size. It was giving off lots of smoke and was salty on the lips. Hadn't reached the 1/4 mark and was picking up vegetative flavours and the burn was off. Now picking up leather and burning a little hot. I touched it up. This cigar was all over the place, it certainly wasn't boring.
                   By the time I reached the halfway mark the flavours had mellowed a bit and it was getting a little bitter but was in no way unsmokeable. The draw was still perfect. At almost the 1/3 mark and the mellowed flavour continued while the bitterness had left a while back. The last third however it began to take on an earthy and stronger taste. The wrapper began to unravel but it was still smoking well.
                   By the time I was down to the last quarter the cigar began to turn on me. At this point I had enough and I didn't want to be left with a bad impression so I let it go.
                   This smoke is a good solid medium bordering on the strong (strong for most). A young cigar but I knew that before I smoked it. It's smoking ok now but with a little time this could be an excellent cigar. It's another one of those smokes where time will tell. I'm going to enjoy watching or tasting the evolution. Nobody knows what these cigars will sell for when they are released but I recommend you buy some when they are, I know I will. They will be worth it.

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