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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Havana from Rooftops (a pictorial)

            Havana is a beautiful city in dire need of repair. Here are some random shots taken from rooftops or balconies of some places I've visited through the years.

Plaza San Francisco from the church tower

Plaza de La Revolucion from the Jose Marti Memorial

The Capitolio from Hotel Saratoga rooftop

Looking North from the Jose Marti Memorial

Prado from the Hotel Inglaterra rooftop

Hotel Nacional from the FOSCA building restaurant La Torre

Hotel Nacional entrance from apt balcony of FOSCA building

El Morro from terrace of Castropol Restaurant

Behind the Capitolio

Bay of Havana from Iglesia de San Francisco

Prado from Apt balcony

Havana from across the bay

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  1. All very good my friend.soon be there..Habanos 2013 Festival..we can see there? Partagas some day smoke and..think more..ok?
    Amigo, Jukka
    Robaina Club Founder