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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Hotel Occidental Miramar (Miramar, Havana) Lobby and Art Exhibit

               This hotel, sitting more than a hundred yards away from the street, originally opened as the Hotel Novotel Miramar in January 2000. Why it changed it's name soon after opening I don't know, I couldn't find that information. If I had to guess from the lobby, it looked like a pretty decent place to stay at with all the amenities. However, I have read some pretty bed reviews once I did some investigating. The usual stuff, things broken or unkept, disinterested staff, bad food....but I also read some good reviews as well. From my experience with things in Cuba, my guess is that unless they fixed their issues here (since those reviews), it would be a hit and miss on the experience one would have here. As I said, from looking at the lobby, it looks like a pretty good hotel. They rate this Hotel, with it's 427 rooms located a 10 minute taxi ride from Old Havana, a Four Star. It's located in the Miramar district with not too much surrounding it as far as activities go. However, if you know your way around, it's not far from some fabulous restaurants and a new Jazz Club just opened within walking distance of the hotel. If you're a Cigar Aficionado, you have 2 cigar shops within walking distance (Hotel Comodoro & Hotel Melia Habana) and a short taxi ride to 2 more, one on either side of the hotel (Club Havana LCDH & 5ta y 16 LCDH). If any of my readers have stayed here, I would love your feedback. Thank You
                 The second part of this post is the Art Exhibit in the Lobby and Restaurants of the Hotel. As I've said several times in the past, 'Art is everywhere in Cuba' and this hotel is no different. No names of the Artists were posted except for one very obvious one that posted a website right on his pictures. I only posted a dozen of the almost three dozen that were on display.

Hotel Occidental Miramar
5ta Ave  e/72 y 76
Reparto Miramar
Municipio Playa
tel. (537) 2043584

Dionel Delgado

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