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Monday 3 March 2014

Train Junkyard (Havana) Jan.2014

                   Once again, as almost always, I paid a visit to the spot where they restore old, broken down, rusted locomotives to be put on display in the Train Museum or other places around the country. I've often thought, how do they get them here or take them out afterwards. Maybe one day I'll get lucky and be witness to one of those acts taking place while I happen to be there. As I've said in the past, the place is not hard to find and if you're a cigar aficionado you've probably walked right by it and didn't even notice. The lot is right next to the Partagas Cigar Factory behind the Capitolio Building. There is no set fee for entering the area and more times than not they won't even ask you but I always throw the attendant 1cuc for the 10-15 minutes I spend there. Well worth the price of the pictures I take when I'm there. If you love old trains, this is a must visit, if you don't, it's a curiosity. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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