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Friday 19 June 2015

Casa Victor Hugo (Havana) A Visit

This post was taken from an article on the Cuban Site 'Habana Patrimonial', , which talks about all things cultural happening in Cuba. This is only a part of the article dating from 1949 to present day.

In 1949 the mansion was purchased by the brothers Echeverria Aranda, who in 1954 sold the corporation Limited Cuban American Security Company SA, represented by its president, Doctor of Pharmacy Juan Felipe Torres and Perez.

In the years following the triumph of the Revolution the house was gradually occupied and the interior spaces were subdivided into small dwellings. Between 2002 and 2003 the intervention process was begun by the illustrious Historian's Office and the archaeological excavations, historical research, architectural design and restoration finally performed to make in 2005 in the Casa Victor Hugo, in honor of the French Romantic writer.

The old house emerges as a cultural center devoted to promoting French culture in Havana, with an interesting cultural project that involves the community. A library, conference and exhibition, classrooms devoted to the teaching of the French language and projection room up in the new space.

Among the objects that make up the permanent exhibition of the Casa Victor Hugo is a reproduction of the death mask of the famous writer, documents, and other pieces of great historical value donated by France. Objects associated with French pharmacy and medicine found by archaeologists from the Office of the Historian, wall paintings and fragments of Catalan tiles (XVIII) and Valencia (XIX century) can also be appreciated in the new cultural center of the Heritage.

Casa Victor Hugo
Calle O'Reilly  N° 311
e/ Habana y Aguiar
Habana Vieja

It's a pretty house and they've done an excellent job restoring it, as with many other mansions in the old part of Havana. It's worth a visit, right in the middle of everything, you would probably walk right by it and not even notice as I have many times. I decided to step in this time.

Oh, I almost forgot, there happens to be some some stuff hanging around for the Bienal.

This Picture Courtesy of: Cuban Site 'Habana Patrimonial' 

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