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Friday 26 June 2015

Punch Double Corona (Cigar Review) Box Date 2002-03

                 You will notice I marked 2002-03 for a box date, reason being the date was a little unclear. The cigar came from a 50 cabinet box and like every Cuban Double Corona it weighs in at 49 x 194 (7.6") and it was a beautiful specimen. A friend shared his stash with me.
                  This DC with it's dark caffè latte coloured wrapper was as hard as a rock and on the pre-light draw it was all wood. It was slightly oily and a little bumpy but had no visible veins. Once lit I tasted earth and wood, not complicated at all. The burn started a bit off but upon nearing the first inch it straightened itself out. Passing the first inch the wood was replaced by grass and it was either my taste buds but it seemed a little dry. This was a medium to strong bodied cigar at this point. Past around the 2" mark and the ash fell on it's own leaving a nice little cone, the sign of a well rolled cigar. The edge was coming off this cigar and was closer to a medium body and all earthiness.
                   At around the halfway mark the ash fell on it's own again, this time it was burning a little hotter through the middle...nothing terribly serious but I touched it up just the same. I was enjoying this cigar so much I didn't want anything to disrupt that pleasure. Went out nearing the last third but that may have been due more to my talking too much and the picture taking rather than a poorly rolled cigar. Night was almost upon us and pictures were becoming that more difficult. The strength picked up again at this point becoming medium to strong again with a rally towards the strong side at the last quarter. Although I couldn't take anymore pictures, I can assure you that I smoked this sucker right down to the end with no problem, it didn't turn on me.
                   In conclusion, wow, just wow. This is what a Punch DC should taste like. I've had a few boxes in my time but nothing older than a 2009 and what I smoked, even though they were nice cigars, were quite mild. I thank my friend for having me over and sharing this wonderful cigar with me.

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