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Thursday 25 June 2015

Hotel Comodoro Cigar Shop (Havana) A Visit June 2015

                 My readers know me to be a frequent traveler to Cuba and when I'm there I stay in the Playa area of the city...that's in Miramar. It's within walking distance of the Hotel Comodoro, maybe 300 meters from the Casa I stay in. To me, this cigar shop is more than a place where I can buy or smoke a cigar. I've been coming here for years, long before I stayed in the area. Crisantos was rolling here at that time and the shop was where all the clothing stores are, to the side of the main building. It's been in the hotel lobby for several years now and Crisantos no longer rolls there, he's retired. However, he's been replaced by a fine young man, Alex, who produces some wonderful cigars and who I can call a friend along with the rest of the staff who have been here for years. This is where I come to relax and spend some time with friends catching up on all the happenings while I've been away. It's not busy at all but there is a steady stream of customers coming in to buy something or another. I've hardly ever found a customer sitting in one of the chairs smoking a cigar. To be honest, there are many more popular shops in the city, one of them is right next door in the Hotel Melia Habana. However, they can't replace the feeling I get when I enter this shop. I'm not a customer entering a store, I'm a friend entering someone's house.
                I'm going to repeat myself once again by saying, give this place a shot. If you haven't already visited this Cigar Shop, you should. The selection of boxed cigars isn't anything extraordinary but they do have a decent cross section. What you need to try are the custom rolls that Alex makes. If you have time and give him some notice, he can even roll you something special that he doesn't have in his humidor. One of my favourites that he rolls are the Behike 52 (in shape not flavour) but I had a robusto last weekend that's going to make me rethink my next purchase.

Calle 3ra y 84
Miramar, Playa


  1. Hi Matt ,nice write up and thanks for the info.Do you think Alex will have a selection at the end of this month after the Partagas festival ? In your opinion how do his customs compare to the Mons or Reynaldos at conde.

    1. Hey Clinton, I guess it's a little late to answer the first part of this question but I can tell you that his custom rolls are no better or worse than Reynaldo's in the construction department but as for flavour, that becomes a personal preference.

  2. Can you provide the name of the other workers at this place.