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Friday 3 July 2015

Angel Ramirez (cuban artist) Havana

                I've been following this artist, that is to say that I've visited his studio a few times and spoken to him once. His art is recognizable to me and that's saying a lot because I haven't got a clue but I'd know his stuff anywhere, it's very distinctive. His work is whimsical and his characters are always in medieval garb holding implements of the era. The sickle appears often in his works. He doesn't just work on canvas, he carves wood into some pretty amazing pieces and does wonders with peoples discarded trinkets. I don't know what this guy has in his head when he's putting these things together but I love the finished product. I don't have to understand art to be able to enjoy Angel's works. The pictures were taken during the Bienal de La Habana this past month. Angel had a showing to himself, he didn't share a room with other artists. I photographed everything that was there and these were the best pics. His gallery and studio are above La Mina restaurant that's by La Plaza de Armas in Old Havana. The entrance is on Calle Oficios by the side of the restaurant, his gallery among others, are located on the upper floors. Pay them a visit, that's why they're there, hoping to sell something but of course you can look and not buy.

Taller La Sexta Puerta.
Oficios no. 6 esq. Obispo, altos.
Plaza de Armas. La Habana, Cuba

Tel: +537 860 6866
Cel: +535 282 6485
Twitter: @AngelM_Ramirez

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