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Thursday 2 July 2015

H.Upmann #2 (cigar review) Box Date March 2008

                 This has got to be one of my favourite Torpedoes and I haven't had one in years. This was another one of the cigars I smoked in the park on Canada Day. It was gifted to me by a friend who was at the picnic. This wasn't a particularly pretty cigar, it was a little bumpy, mottled and covered in plume....I didn't care, looks can often be deceiving when it comes to cigars. The fact that it had 7 years on it was all that I was thinking about. The pre-light draw was all wood, I even got some splinters on my lips.
                  Once lit, the burn was good and the wood flavours really came through but once I got past the first inch it was earthy and dry. Burn was a little off at this point and it was the usual medium body, like I remembered. Past the first third it was unmistakably an Upmann #2, smooth, medium bodied with flavours of earth and wood. Past the half I found it burning hotter through the middle and it went out....I had to relight it.
                  And so it went like this until the end with the flavours not changing much and burning pretty good until I decided to give it up. In Conclusion, I enjoyed this cigar and appreciated the opportunity to give it a try after 7 years of being packaged. It still had good taste and could probably lie down for a couple of more years before worrying about dissipating flavours.

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