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Thursday 2 July 2015

La Escepción Edición Regional Italia 2011 (cigar review)

                  So, it's Canada Day, or at least it was yesterday. This would be the first time I'm at a park or a public place since the new smoking laws came into effect this past January. That law states that you can't smoke in a park....among other places where previously you were allowed to smoke. I almost didn't go for this reason but a friend of mine assured me that he was smoking. As it stood, nobody gave us a second look. Was it because they didn't care or was it because they didn't even know about the ridiculous is that you can't smoke in an open space like a park. Regardless, who cares, we smoked and nobody paid any attention, not even the cops (they're not the ones who enforce this law anyway). Canada Day is one of those times where I will smoke several cigars. I didn't know which cigars to bring with me yesterday but this Escepción was staring at me while I was deciding and it would be the first cigar I would review on this day.
                    This cigar was super hard when I squeezed it and being a Panetela weighing in at 38 x 166 (6.5")....even thinner than a Lonsdale which is 42 x 165 (6.5"), I wondered how well it would draw. I was pleasantly surprised when the pre-light draw seemed to indicate that my fears were unmerited. The cap was slightly bumpy but otherwise this cigar was smooth and veinless. Once lit, the draw was perfect. The start was a little floral but shortly after it made way for wood and earth...mushrooms may have been what I was picking up. The first 3/4" into the smoke and the burn was almost perfect. The ash fell on it's own at around the first inch and the floral notes were creeping in again. By about the halfway mark the burn was a bit off and it's all earth with a touch of oak creeping in. I touched it up with my torch at about this time.
                    Past the halfway mark and a hint of nuts crept in along with the earth and wood. I had let the ash go but it was stifling the cigar making it burn hotter through the middle until it finally went out. I relit the cigar and it tasted just fine, there was about a third of the cigar remaining. Throughout, this cigar was a medium to strong bodied smoke. It alternated between wood and earth with those floral notes coming and going. It continued to burn a bit hotter through the middle, even going out a couple of times. Needless to say, I had to do a couple of relights and touch ups but it otherwise tasted good. It picked up strength on the last quarter but I smoked this baby right down to the very end.
                    I've always liked this cigar and it's still tasting great. In my opinion, it hasn't reached it's peak but it's very close. These are not easy cigars to find and they've increased in price through the years. If you can get your hands on these guys, do it.

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