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Tuesday 7 July 2015

Hostal Valencia (Habana Vieja) Havana

                   This is a pretty, little boutique hotel that's just a couple of hundred meters from the Plaza de Armas and close to Plaza San Francisco in Old Havana. This colonial building was once a private home, built in the late 18th century. It once belonged to the Councilman Sotolongo. It was the first mansion in Old Havana to be restored by the Office of the City Historian into an hotel. Although a section of the building had collapsed, they were still able to use part of the original and did an excellent job of replicating the damaged part.
                    It operates as a modest bed & breakfast and because the prices are reasonable it's booked well in advance. There's a small cigar shop to the right on the main floor that carries a decent selection of smokes. I have my places where I buy cigars and this isn't one of them but if you're staying at the hotel and need a quick fix, something for the road, it wouldn't be the worst place to grab a cigar. There's a quaint little bar as well and a restaurant that apparently makes the best Paella that's won prizes in Spain. That sounds like it would be a good paella but I haven't had it yet, I'm going by what all the reviews say. The courtyard is absolutely beautiful, check out the pictures.
                   I didn't stay at this hotel so I don't have photos of the rooms but there's all kinds of stuff on line regarding this hotel and you'll find some pics there for sure.

Calle Oficios 53 Esq. a Obrapia,
Habana Vieja, Havana
Telephone: (537) 867 1037

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