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Monday 13 July 2015

Montecristo #1 Club Havana LCDH Special Edition (Cigar Review)

                  On my trip to Cuba in August 2014, a friend made me aware of this piece while visiting the Club Havana LCDH. His words were, if you're going to buy anything buy this. He thought of it as a collectible but I thought of it as something to share with friends. The cigars themselves if you take them at their value will cost you about $40 (total) more buying them this way but you're left with a lovely Partagas Book Humidor, small, but worth the $40 price tag in my opinion. The cigars I know nothing about except that they had a few age years on them. They did a great job of selecting the cigars because I've gone through 6 and both myself and the others who have shared with me agree that these are wonderful cigars. Each one has been perfect so far. The 15 cigars cost me $162cuc.
                   From start to finish this was a Monte #1, mild not near medium, smooth, I loved it. The burn was good until almost the end. The flavours were wood and wood with some earth creeping in and getting a bit more prominent closer to the end. The cigar was pretty much the same from the beginning and following through to almost the end. The last quarter the earthiness kicked it up a notch and the cigar got a little stronger.
                    This cigar was nothing special, that is to say it wasn't rolled specifically for this special box. The cigars were selected by the store and packaged with an additional band. However, they've all been wonderful smokes so far and well worth the money. Consistency is a beautiful thing and if you can find that with Cuban Cigars, even better. The Partagas Store does it all the time, especially during the Encuentro.

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